As the time at home is getting longer due to Covid-19, lot of people eat Korean ramen these days. However, Korean people are not the ones who like Korean ramen. This year, Korean ramen exports are expected to set a new record.

By November this year, exports of Korean ramen were $540 million, up 28% from last year. As it stands, it is expected to reach a record high of $600 million by the end of the year.

The number one contributor to raising the awareness of Korean ramen overseas is the movie ‘Parasite’. With the popularity of ‘Parasite’, which won the Academy Award in February this year, interest in Korean ramen has grown significantly.

In addition, as people who had spent time at home due to Covid-19 were looking for convenience food, ramen that can be stored at room temperature became much more popular.

Due to the pandemic, Korean ramen attracted another attention in America and Europe as American and European people mainly stay at home. In the past, ramen has been recognized as a kind of snack to them, but during the lsndemic, Korean ramen in particular has received a lot of attention as a meal replacement.

If we include locally produced products like Paldo Bento, which is popular in Russia, the scale of Korean ramen sold overseas will be even larger. The global ramen market, which continues to grow year by year, is expected to reach $41.2 billion this year. In the era of Covid- 19, ‘Korean national food’ ramen is emerging as a new export hero.

Why don’t you have Korean ramen today? =)

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