Everyone knows about dyes that are easy to use at home, but if you know that, you have to experience a lot of hassle to do one dye. It has never been a convenient hair dye that you can simply do at home. But did you know that foam hair dye is here? No more mess, no more worrying about bathrooms and hair dye splattering all over the place. This is because there are foam hair dyes that are so simple and easy to dye your hair just like hair wax on your hair.

How to use it? It is very simple

First, shake the hair dye sufficiently, and carefully press the button on the top, and finally apply the foam evenly and softly to your hair. After around 10 minutes, rinse your hair with water to finish dyeing.

What kind of foam hair dye is popular among Koreans?

There are various products, but foam hair dye products of mise-en-scène are quite popular here. Because, among hair dyes, if ammonia is contained, it may cause side effects or a lot of irritation to the skin, but foam hair dye products of mise-en-scène are particularly popular because they do not contain ammonia.

There is one additional tip. Even after rinsing the hair dye, it would be safer for you to put a towel on your pillow for a day or two when sleeping because the hair dye can slightly dye the pillow too. It is wisest to always be prepared.

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