If korea never made your bucket list, this article will convince you. For someone that loves to travel, your interest is always in the fun and the experience and Korea has those to offer, only if you allow it.

Korea is a region in East Asia. The korean language is spoken by about 77 million people, of course, a lot of tourists wish they are part of this 77 million because of how pleasant it sounds to the ears. Korea has a fascinating culture, mouth-watering dishes and fascinating history that would keep you hooked in the country.  It has a lot of interesting places you may wish to visit and this article will serve as a tour guide to you.

Below is a list of top 13 places to visit in korea

  • BUSAN: This is the second largest city in Korea with lots of resorts and beaches. Busan offers you access to interesting places like the Beomeosa temple and Jagalchi market (for seafood lovers). There are also very beautiful restaurants you could go visiting in Busan, put on your shoes and step out to the beautiful Busan.
  • SEOUL TOWER: Who hasn’t heard of the popular Seoul tower? This is an iconic observation tower in Seoul. It is placed almost on top of a mountain with its height placing it 500 meters above sea level. This is a must-see.
  • SEORAKSAN NATIONAL PARK: This is Korea’s first national park. It has lakes, waterfalls, mountains and streams and  different plants and animals species that fascinate tourists. There is a cable car that takes you up the Seoraksan mountain, if you are tired of walking.
  • NATIONAL MUSEUM OF KOREA: Seoul is filled with a lot of museums with the largest being the National museum of Korea. You cannot explore this museum in one visit due to its size . In this museum lies several art, history and archeological collections. These collections have been in existence for over a million years
  • JEJU ISLAND: This is located in province of South Korea. It is popular for its beach, cavelike lava tubes and resorts. You can visit the Glass castle in jeju island. This is a theme park with lots of glass sculptures. Also, right inside jeju island is Loveland, which offers romantic attractions to adults.
  •  PYEONGCHANG COUNTY: if you love hiking, you will love this place. It is known for Odaesan National park, which has trails crisscrossing the Taebaek mountains.  This park houses several Buddist temples and is a perfect place for your sightseeing.
  • GGOTJI BEACH: This beach is located four kilometers southwest of Anmyeon-eup. It is one of the recommended sites for photographers who want to take pictures of the beauty of sunset in the sea.
  • LOTTE WORLD: Lotte world is an amusement park located right in the middle of downtown Seoul. If you want to immerse yourself in korean culture, then visit this park. In Lotte world park, movie theatres, hotel, folk museum, ice skating and traditional performances are available to you. This place is recommended for both adults and kids.
  • HWASEONG: This is a UNESCO heritage site not too far from Seoul. You can enjoy a rollercoaster ride in Everland and Korean BBQ in Bonsuwon Galbi. This is suitable for kids and adults too.
  • DAEGU: This is sparkly city famous for the Oriental Medicine Cultural Center. You can have some tasty korean dishes, but the most interesting thing here is the sightseeing.
  • GYEONGBOKGUNG PALACE: it was built in 1395 and located in the North of Seoul and it is the most beautiful palace out of the five main palaces of Joseon Dynasty. This palace is always crowded, so be there on time. One of the interesting things to do in the palace is to observe the palace gate opening ceremony as they are interesting to watch. A Gyoengbokgung map will also prove to be helpful.
  • NAMI ISLAND: This island is popular with the k-dramas and reality shows. It is small compared to others but the popularity is overwhelming. Tourists can go on half-day or full-day tour. There are plenty of places to go on the island.
  • VISIT A SPA: The koreans do not joke with their skin care, they pay a lot of attention to their skin. Therefore, you tend to find a good number of them in spas. There are quite a good number of cosmetic stores around and the good thing is that both males and females are welcome. Get a skin care treatment in one of the stores and you will be glad you did.

There is an unending list of places to go in Korea. There are a lot of undiscovered places in korea . Have fun in korea, enjoy the korean dishes and k-drama and, if possible, bring korea home with you.

Have a safe and fun-filled trip!

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