Recently, the number of customers looking for wine has increased in Korea. At a convenience store, wine sales increased nearly three times from a year ago until last month this year, and more than four times from the previous year in this month.

Recently, 20 bottles of high-quality wine sold at a convenience store worth 1.5 million KRW were sold out within a week. At one hypermarket, wine ranked first among all alcoholic beverages, overtaking beer and soju. (Big wow)

More and more people are enjoying wine alone at home. This is because the demand for wine has increased due to the recent restrictions on restaurant and bar business and banning meetings with more than 5 people.

In addition, there are also a lot of affordable wines in recent years, and it is also convenient to order them in the app. Tableware such as wine glasses also sell well. According to statistics from one online mall, sales of wine glasses and flatware sets have more than doubled compared to last year.

As wine popularity is on the rise during the year-end season, competition for customers is fierce, such as diversifying varieties or holding discount events.

If you have a Korean friend, how about saying “Shall we enjoy wine together?” 😉

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