Skywalk of Uiamho Lake, Chuncheon

During my recent trip to Korea, we were fortunate enough to get to explore new places outside of Seoul. One of the highlights was a day trip to Chuncheon (춘천).

It took around 2-3 hours driving from Seoul without stopping. We stopped halfway at a Rest Stop for some lunch before heading to a rail park and then this lake. The Rest Stop was amazing! There was so much food and snack options, one would’ve thought it was a mall instead. If you travel Korea and rent a car, I’d highly recommend stopping by a rest stop just for the experience. Apparently there were even better ones than the one I tried, looking forward to that 😛

When we went to the lake on a weekday, there were close to no visitors except for one or two locals taking their routine brisk walks. It was a refreshing sight to us tourists, a huge difference from the crazy crowds in Myeongdong where we stayed.

Oh, one thing to remember before you start walking: spray the mosquito repellent! There was a complimentary dispenser at the entrance, which was pretty amusing. It works like a water hose, except it sprays mosquito repellant! I’ve never seen this anywhere else before.

Don’t be discouraged by the insects though, the view is worth it!

Just take a look below:

So much green! The water and breeze really heightened that ‘healing’ effect this place is known for. And this was just the beginning.

Quiet trail to the skywalk

The trail is quiet and breezy, plenty of trees surrounding you so it’s not too hot. It’s not steep too, so you can expect a pleasant 0-incline walk that doesn’t wear you out. After a 30-min walk, you will see another free attraction at this lake – the Uiamho Lake Skywalk (의암호 스카이워크).

We were asked to take off shoes and change into slippers provided, to enjoy the scenic view from the glass platform. The people in charge were so funny trying to guess where we were from and using Google Translate to give instructions “Arrange slippers or we get angry”.

I was trembling mostly, but managed to squeeze in a video:

Other fun things to do in Chuncheon (with offers by KLOOK):

How to get there:

486, Chiljeon-dong, Chuncheon-si, Gangwon-do, Korea

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