Travelling is an amazing and a soul-satisfying experience anybody would wish for. Taking a break from that job or school work to go unwind gives nothing but pure joy. Away from the hustle and bustle to a place of absolute peace and tranquility may be the savior that you need. It might provide the answers to that long-standing challenges. From time to time, you need to give your brain and body a break. You need to give it the time to balance and re-strategize.

For each travel destination, you need to be aware of what to expect and how to avoid certain challenges. If Korea is your next travel destination, you have come to the right place. If it isn’t, there are chances that it may become after you are done with this. Korea is an East Asian country divided into two parts : North Korea and South Korea.

Here are a few tips you need to know before visiting Korea:

  • The meals are not so expensive. They are cheaper than in Japan. You get to pay about 5000 to 20,000 KRW for a meal. The average is around 10,000 KRW. For accommodation bills, it is around 15,000 KRW for hostels and 150,000 KRW (on the average) for hotels. For parks, the entrance fees are around 1000 to 3000 KRW and average of 10,000 KRW for popular and bigger areas.  Bus or subway charges about 1000 to 2000 KRW.
  • Visit during fall or spring. This is the best time to visit korea due to the favorable weather condition.
  • Learn some important korean phrases even if you cannot speak their language.
  • Do a little reading about korean culture and history, this will help you know their values and how to treat them.
  • The korean café culture makes it very easy for you to locate a cafe. They have café almost at every corner of the street
  • If you are in need of where to start, the good news is that you can find Airbnb in korea.
  • Google map not help you a lot. They do not allow google map update their maps.
  • Avoid confrontations with them, it might not end well. They hate having confrontations with foreigners.
  • Korean foods are usually spicy, but if you are not comfortable with that, there are international restaurants that serve international cuisines. Ask around and you will be directed to one of them.
  • Tipping is not part of korean culture. You hardly find people tipping others for their services.
  • You need not worry about your safety, korea is relatively safe. Be aware of your environment and do not go out late in the night.
  • Respect and honor the elders, they appreciate it. You are expected to give your seat to an elderly person.

Generally, Korea is an amazing country and there are lots of fantastic views in Korea you should explore when you visit. You will have a swell time there. Take all the pictures and memories with you and ensure you return to give us feedback on your trip.


  • Do not talk loudly: Koreans hate it when people talk loudly. If you are on a public place or a bus, ensure you keep your volume down. You will definitely get dirty looks for doing otherwise.
  • Avoid talking about Japan: Koreans have a long-standing history with Japanese. Be sure to approach topics connected to Japan carefully or better still do not utter a word on it.
  • Dress responsibly: Koreans appreciate decency, so they expect you to show that too. Generally Asians have cultural norms they stick to and it is important you respect cultural norms of any foreign country you are visiting.
  • Do not pick offence when they request for your age: Koreans see age as a number and it may be the first question they would ask while trying to initiate a connection with you. In Korea, a new born baby is considered to be a year old, therefore to them, your real age is your international age plus one.
  • Do not make gestures at others with your palm up.  Although in other countries, this is considered as normal, but in Korea, it is a No-No. To gesture at someone in Korea, you have to raise your hand up with your palms down and then move it up and down(use this when you are hailing a taxi)
  • Do not write with red ink. This is because they use it when they want to write the name of a deceased person. I am sure you wouldn’t want to get into trouble over this.
  • Do not show your disapproval of a cosmetic surgery: Korea has a high rate of cosmetic surgeries and it is a part of their lifestyle. Avoid making bad comments over them.

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