Did you know that Jung Hoyeon, who showed an impressive performance in Squid Game, has a lover? She is known to have a lover who is nine years older, who is also known to be a male actor.

Jung Hoyeon ‘s boyfriend is Lee Dong-hwi.

Jung Hoyeon, who received explosive attention from fans around the world with the release of ‘Squid Game’, has jumped from 400,000 to 16.8 million (as of the 8th) on Instagram.

At the time of the interview, Jung Hoyeon , who was on the verge of reaching 10 million followers, said, “I talked to Lee Yu-mi on the phone.
I said ‘Congratulations, big star,’ and Yumi said, ‘Congratulations, world big star’. We congratulated each other.”

He continued, “I was grateful for this kind of interest and love, but I was worried about whether we could receive such attention, and I wasn’t happy. The burden seems to be increasing. Senior Park Hae-soo also said that we should keep our feet on the ground. I am still remembering those words,” he said.

Jung Hoyeon also revealed the reaction of actor Lee Dong-hwi, who has been in a public relationship since 2016.

He revealed that he received advice and help from him, who is a long time senior as an actor, and said, “I asked for advice from not only Donghwi oppa, but also from my fellow actors and colleagues. I worked hard, auditioned and passed, but the pressure was greater than the excitement and joy. I tried to ask for advice to relieve that burden.” “During filming, I focused on the advice of my colleagues, seniors, and the director who I worked with while filming. Donghwi oppa is happy and proud of this kind of reaction right now, just like his job. I’m cheering you on.” He smiled.

How many points would he want to give himself after successfully completing his first acting challenge in ‘Squid Game’?

Jung Hoyeon said, “I want to give it 5 out of 10. If you’re trying to give me a better score than that, I don’t think I did it. “Then why I want to give it 5 points is because I want to raise my self-esteem. I worked really hard. did my best. Although the method was clumsy, I sincerely worked hard.”

As much as the popularity is, the pressure on the next work must be great. “There are a lot of shortcomings,” he said. There is also a burden. Although I am still young, there were times when my career as a model was good and there were times when I was bad. The only thing I have learned through that experience is to do my best every day and work hard. Things that are going to happen are meant to happen. I will do my best to the point of dying, but the idea is not to be intimidated by things that have not happened in advance.”

He continued, “No matter what works or characters come in the future, I will work really hard on the next one. I will do my best. I want to do it all. I am accumulating more acting and I want to study. I want to meet various characters, directors, and scenarios. Please call me.” He trembled softly.

“As a model, there is nothing I haven’t done before. There were times when I went abroad to grow my career. Anyway, now is the time to start as an actor. I am grateful that my first project went so well, but there is also pressure. As Park Hae-soo said, I want to put my feet on the ground and go step by step. Are you a role model? I am not someone who lives with a clear role model. I tend to motivate people to move forward with the words of people who think they are cool. This time, director Hwang Dong-hyuk once said that it is a process of realizing one’s own shortcomings, but that remains a big life quote for me. I want to be a person who constantly works hard. That’s my goal. (Laughs)”

Jung Hoyeon, who became a hot topic for playing the role of Dawn, a North Korean defector in the popular Netflix series ‘Squid Game’, has also been selected as Louis Vuitton’s new global ambassador.

Starting with the 2017 Spring-Summer Collection, Jung Hoyeon made a connection with Louis Vuitton through fashion shows and the 2017 Pre-Fall Collection campaign.

Jung Hoyeon said, “It’s an honor to be together with Louis Vuitton, who I worked with as a model, and to start as an actor.

Nicolas Ghesquière, Artistic Director of Louis Vuitton Women’s Collection, said, “I remember that I immediately fell in love with Hoyeon’s outstanding talent and fantastic personality.

As of the 5th, Jung Hoyeon’s Instagram followers exceeded 13.4 million. The number surged 33 times compared to the 400,000 people before the release of ‘Squid Game’.

Due to the surge in the number of followers of Jung Hoyeon , there has been a change in the ranking of the number of Instagram followers of Korean female actors. Lee Seong-kyung (12.9 million people), who had previously been number one, moved to second place, followed by Song Hye-Kyo (12 million people) to third place.

‘Squid Game’ is a work depicting a survival game in which participants risk their lives to win a prize of 45.6 billion won. Netflix is ​​gaining worldwide popularity, ranking first in all 83 countries where it is being serviced.

In ‘Squid Game’, Jung Ho-yeon played Dawn, a defector who participated in a game to get big money for his family.

Jung Ho-yeon is also scheduled to appear on NBC’s signature talk show ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’ (‘Jimmy Fallon Show’) along with Lee Jung-jae, Park Hae-soo, and Wi Ha-jun. It will be released on the 6th after recording on the 5th (local time).

The Squid Game is a work that achieved another epoch in the history of Korean cultural contents. We look forward to seeing many Korean actors who appeared in Squid Game with Jung Ho-yeon work in more diverse works.

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