She once had 400 followers on social media. It was at a level where I couldn’t feel a big presence to be called an actor. However, after appearing in the Squid Game that has taken the world by storm, she has 1.68 million followers.

The ‘Mi Nyeo (meaning a beautiful woman in Korea)’, played by Kim Joo-ryeong in the Squid Game, is a person who has nothing to hide from society to live and to earn money. In order to play the role of a ‘ Mi Nye ‘ who can do anything for the desired goal, Kim Joo-ryeong studied the ‘ Mi Nye ‘ character in depth, drawing the attention of viewers around the world, sometimes delicately and sometimes explosively.

Actor Kim Joo-ryeong, who spreads his wings and glides with ‘Squid Game’, exuding a unique presence with his unrivaled performance in the work and his passionate acting portraying him. His true value and sincerity shown through prominent works transcend the theatrical stage and screen to captivate the small screen, and now he has begun to attract worldwide attention through the ‘Squid Game’, a special work in his life called ‘Squid Game’. He shared his thoughts and answers.

She said, The original number of followers was 400. Today I saw that there were over 1.68 million people. This doesn’t feel right What the hell is going on…, especially overseas fans. They send a message of support in each country’s language through DM. I’d like to answer all of them, but I’m sorry that I can’t. I feel like I’m experiencing something like this in my life. What should I say thank you… I feel that I am receiving a lot of attention and love from so many people, and I want to be more careful with my actions and words now.

With 20 years of acting experience, she said the following about the Squid Game. 20 years… did it for a long time. ‘Squid Game’ is a work that gave me great happiness and excitement in the process. I was so happy and excited to go to the set while filming, I did the best I could, so it is a work that I have no regrets about. As a result, it is a work that has made the name known to the public. I don’t think it’s a gift for acting without giving up for 20 years. And as always, we will continue to do the same work one work at a time. I feel a little bit burdened and afraid because I think there will be high expectations for actor Kim Joo-ryeong’s next move. Now, I want to play while having more fun, and I think I need to take responsibility and repay it with good acting. As always.

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