Hidden behind the busy “central business district” or CBD of Seoul, you will find the charming Ikseon-Dong area, where this hole in the wall cafe, Sigmul is located. The nearest subway station is Jongno-3-ga, it might take you around 10mins walking from Exit 1 of the station.

Ikseon-dong is a nice, hipster area of traditional Hanok houses turned into cafes, bars, shops, restaurants. Reminds me of Samcheongdong but less touristy and more locals for now. Bear in mind that most establishments here might have full-Korean menus and signboards so be prepared to have a translator app ready!
Exterior- located at a quiet corner, do keep a lookout for the sign or you’ll miss it!
Cool hipster vibes inside. Mismatched furniture, a wonderful playlist playing in the background (think Epik High, Weeknd, etc) mortar flooring and plants. But what I’m really here for is the coffee!
Sigmul Coffee – there are two versions, the Boy and Girl version.
On the left is the Girl (hot) – warm Dutch coffee with Bailey’s liqueur and whipped cream
On the right is the Boy (iced) – Dutch coffee ice cubes, Bailey’s liqueur and milk

Personally, I’d come again anytime for the Girl Sigmul Coffee. The Boy version was a bit too milky and there was a weaker alcoholic taste as the ice cubes melts the alcohol away (?). The cafe is nice and cozy, not noisy as I could still have a conversation without shouting over the music. Recommended for a nice afternoon.


46-1 Donhwamun-ro 11da-gil, Ikseon-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea

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