I recently discovered a new underground shopping mall at the Express Bus Terminal station, called GOTO Mall. Previously, many people had recommended me this place for shopping, but I had not paid a visit until my 5th trip!

If you like the styles seen commonly at Hongdae or Myeongdong, then this is where you can find the exact same thing – but cheaper. The styles are current, trendy. Expect good Korean quality, at a bargain.

Tips for shopping at GOTO Mall:

  1. Bring a bagpack or recyclable tote bag – to stuff all your clothes! May not be very convenient or environmentally friendly to carry 10+ plastic bags home at the end of your shopping escapade
  2. Bring a bottle of water as it can get quite hot and stuffy
  3. No trying. Sizes are also usually free-size. If you’re not sure, go for the bigger size, so that you can still alter it later on.
  4. If you see a style you like near the entrance – make a mental note of the style and price, and move on. You will see the same thing at another shop later at a cheaper price, TRUST ME ON THIS!
  5. Bring cash, shops may give you a cheaper rate if you pay by cash.

I really enjoyed watching Q2HAN’s shopping challenges there, do check out a few of them below:

BTS Shopping Challenge for the ARMYs out there
Shopping Challenge for only $20!

Happy shopping folks!

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