YouTube Channel : Lost LeBlanc

30 Things to Do and Know about Seoul by Lost LeBlanc


We are so happy to have found and introduce this awesome video by Lost LeBlanc, travel YouTuber. Please enjoy his video on Seoul travel in Korea. Especially, the images of Seoul city area filmed with drone are the best.

This video conveys a concise but essential content of Seoul travel information. Considering the short trip, which is only for a week, it is very impressive to watch them trying to learn as much as possible about local Korean culture and introduce it in their video.


The weather in Korea is not always mild. It is cold from November to February and very hot from June to August. Mild weather is usually from March to May, and September and October.

Not all areas of Seoul are always super safe. It is important to refrain from traveling to the outskirts of the city alone, especially at night.

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