As Korean dramas and movies attract people from all over the world, there are many foreigners who wonder if Koreans are living as they appear in Korean dramas and movies. First of all, the answer is yes and no. It should be remembered that movies and TV shows always portray reality in a more dramatic way.

The biggest misconception about Koreans is, “are Korean men and women really all handsome and pretty with good skin?” Then let me ask you a question. Do you look like Leonardo DiCaprio or Natalie Portman? Are you as rich as the Hollywood stars in Beverly Hills? This is my answer again.

Almost all ordinary Koreans go to work every day, and after a tiring day, come home to eat and sleep. On weekends, we go out for a picnic or shopping around from time to time. Not all Koreans enjoy a fun and romantic trip every week. To go on a trip, you need money as well as relaxation of your mind.

Do you feel disappointed because the life of Koreans is not so special? If there is one thing that Koreans’ lives are similar to Korean dramas and movies, it is that Koreans are people who enjoy socializing with people and like to drink and sing. Yes, Koreans like people, alcohol and music. Korea is by no means an easy and comfortable country to live in especially if you are a foreigner. But what makes Korea a really attractive country to live in is because there are many ordinary, kind Koreans who love people and life including you.

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