Subscription Fee (One-Time)

Join our WhatsApp Korean Chat Room!

If you pay the one-time subscription fee of 3 USD, you can freely talk in Korean in the chat room!

  • Subscription Fee = 3 USD (no reccuring)


Chat Room Rules

In the chat room,

  • Any forms of sexual talk is prohibited.
  • Not allowed to send personal message to the member of this group chat without consent of that member.
  • Any conversation for advertising and other commercial purposes other than pure Korean language practice are prohibited.
  • Conversations that infringe on the privacy of other users or cause any inconvenience are prohibited.
  • If any of the above is violated, or a report is made by other users, the violating user will be expelled immediately.
  • The chat room subscription fee is non-refundable.


After paying the chat room subscription fee, tell us the email you used for your payment, and we will check and invite you to the chat room shortly!

3USD via PayPal