The Strategist, a web run by New York magazine, published an article titled “The Best Instant Noodles, According to Chefs and Food Writers.” Based on the recommendations of 8 experts, the 10 best ramens were introduced in three categories: soup ramen, bibim ramen, and spicy ramen. Among Korean products, Shin Ramyun and Chapagetti were selected as Spicy Ramen and Bibim Ramen, respectively.

Chef Irene Yoo, who participated in the selection, said about Shin Ramyun, “It is the standard for evaluating other ramen as Korea’s representative ramen.” Regarding Chapagetti, he said, “It’s fun to eat,” he said.

It is an exciting phenomenon that the ramen that ordinary Koreans enjoy is even loved by people all over the world. I hope that more and more people around the world can enjoy a fun life with Korean food.

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