My first ever meal in MyeongDong was at MyeongDong Gyoza, or MyeongDong Kyoja (명동교자). It turned out to be one of the most satisfying meals in Korea.

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The menu is straightforward, no nonsense. There are only 4 main dishes. This place is good at dumplings and they pride themselves upon it.


  1. The dumplings, of course. Don’t leave without trying this!
  2. Noodles! You can choose from warm soupy noodles (Kalguksu), spicy red cold noodles (bibimguksu), cold soybean soup noodles (Kongguksu). I quite enjoy all of them, even the cold noodles. Super tasty and portions are big to share.
  3. This is complimentary but it deserves a mention – the Kimchi is to die for. Spicy, garlicky and not sour. My favourite kind of kimchi.
Kalguksu ( 칼국수)
Kongguksu (콩국수)
Mandu or dumplings (만두)


From the MyeongDong subway station, exit at Exit no.6. Refer to the map below for directions on how to get there.

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