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These days, we are so happy that more and more foreign friends are interested in South Korea. This “Korean Wave” is heightened by the increasing interest in K-Culture and K-Stars. Some foreign friends are even more updated on the latest news about K-Stars than local Koreans.

To help our foreign friends who have a huge interest in South Korea, we’d like to introduce some Korean news media companies which publishes English articles on various issues in South Korea.

If you wish to know more about Korea and various issues happening in Korea, the English articles published by media companies below would be very helpful for you.

1. 코리아 헤럴드
The Korea Herald

2. 코리아 타임스
The Korea Times

This media also provides useful content for learning Korean.

Easy Korean

3. 코리아 중앙데일리

Korea Joongang Daily

4. 아리랑 국제방송

Arirang TV

This is a famous English broadcasting network in South Korea.

In addition to the media companies mentioned above, there are many other media outlets in Korea that provide English news about Korea. Reading English articles written in the eyes of Korean locals, not from the perspective of foreign media, will help you discover new aspects of Korea and Korean culture.

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