If you love seafood and fish, do check out the Noryangjin Fish Market! This market is the largest in Seoul, and is located within walking distance to Noryangjin subway station (quite aptly named) below:

Here’s how the market works:

STEP 1: Choose your fish/prawn/king crab/seafood of choice
You can have it raw (sashimi) or you can bring it to the restaurants upstairs to cook it any style you like.
Plenty of salmon to feed a village!
Word of caution: The sellers here are super aggressive and will approach anyone looking around their stalls. But this is all part of the Noryangjin fish market experience, don’t be afraid of chatty sellers!
STEP 2: Well basically this is just a 2 step process haha. The next step is to bring your fish/seafood upstairs to level 2 – this is where all the restaurants are located. Most do not have English translations, so it’s better to have a translation app handy in case.
Look at all these people enjoying fresh seafood!
Sashimi platter of salmon, halibut, yellow tail – KRW 30,000
Grilled prawns
Seafood soup. Spicy and sooooo good especially during winter!

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