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YouTube is one of the most popular social networking media platforms extensively used by various types of users. These users upload videos of different types on the site that includes commercial materials among others. There are also many that run regular channels on this popular digital platform. When it comes to an informative and educative channel dedicated to a specific cause; the channel Korizona easily finds a place in toppers’ lists.

The Emergence of Korizona

The YouTube channel Korizona made its appearance as an educative channel in the year 2016. According to the statistics provided by YouTube, it has earned a sizable follower community with 1.99k contingent.

A Channel Created by Korean-American Couple

Korizona is a YouTube channel created by an international couple. It is the joint venture of a Korean husband and his American wife residing in the city of Busan. The channel is so named because the husband is from Korea and the wife is from Arizona in the United State. Both are now settled in Busan in Korea. The channel aims at boosting the use of the Korean and especially the Busan dialect across the globe. Combination of the skills of the duo belonging to two different countries with grossly divergent culture has helped in the creation of unique contents on the channel.

How the Channel Works

The channel aims at helping the growth of the amalgamation of the eastern and western cultures and impressing the viewers. It also provides educative materials teaching the people how to say the common sentences in Busan, Satoori, and Korean Dialects. Learners get an insight on how to say the sentences like I love, I hate, and Give it to me among others. For many, Korizona has become a most convenient Korean learning platform.

(Korizona 코리조나 – YouTube)

Educative Videos by Specialist Teachers

On the YouTube channel, the contents uploaded usually come from the best experts in the field. For instance; there is the video of GuGi Tube teaching the use of the Busan Satoori. The expert acknowledged as the best Korean teacher from Busan teaches viewers how to use casual and not formal way of speaking the Korean language.

Korizona offers Life Sharing Videos

Korizona not only provides educative contents on Korean dialect on their channel but also other life-sharing contents. To attract the target viewers, they make the videos fun-filled and enjoyable. Videos displayed on the site cover various topics and always contain unique and quality contents. The videos are designed in a manner that the viewers do not get bored due to repetitive and stereotyped contents.

Managing Subscriptions

One of the main reasons of Korizona rising in prominence is that its subscribers are growing consistently. Old subscribers are sticking to the channel as the channel provides new and unique videos consistently. New subscribers mostly become constant and finally the loyal subscribers of the channel.

Korizona Provides Off-Beat Contents Live

The founder couple of the YouTube channel usually attracts the attention of the viewers with live videos. A recent content was based on the sitting room. At times the couple makes the contents interactive making them more interesting for the audience. Most viewers believe that every time they reach out to Korizona they will come across something new and relevant.

Profile Presence on Social Networking Media The channel created by the Korean and American couple has registered a solid presence on social networking media sites. The channel itself runs on YouTube but is also prominently visible on other social networking media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter among others. It has also got sizeable followers on each of these sites.

Displaying Popular Visuals for Viewers

Visual displays made by the makers of Korizona are always relevant for the viewers searching for contents. The information provided on the site is regularly updated. You will not find any irrelevant contents or obsolete materials on the site at anytime. That is why the subscribers prefer this channel. Especially popular are the contents relating to dialects and life-related issues.  

Step-by-Step Learning of Korean Dialect

The founder couple of Korizona understands it is not possible making one an expert in Korean dialect. Therefore; the channel handles the learning process step by step keeping in view the minute details. The same process is adopted by the channel for disseminating information on other life-related issues. The reflection was seen in the channel’s handling the topics like the One of the best foods for hang over.

Korean Versions for Frequently used words for Communication

The channel has become industry leader in teaching people the Korean version of frequently used words for communicating with others. Some most common questions are as follows.

  • How are you?
  • How is the weather?
  • I am at home alone.
  • Do you want booze?
  • What is today’s dinner menu?
  • I love you.

The list is suggestive and not exhaustive. You can ask any question to Korizona and its international couple founders.

(Korizona 코리조나 –about- YouTube)

Answers to Common Questions are Ready Built

The channel offers ready answers for many questions that the clients might have. You also have the option to ask any other questions that are not included in the FAQ on its website. Ask Korizona is the best way to clear all your doubts. So far your questions are based on more information about the channel then you can visit their website and it’s “about us” and the “services” sections.

How to Contact Korizona

You will need to contact Korizona for availing its services. In order to contact the international couple you can use their website. Log on to the site and fill-out the form displayed on the screen. It only involves sharing your basic information. The company assures maintenance of your private information as secret. You can use their email address at korizona8994@gmail.com.

Since its creation on the 6th day of May in the year 2016 the channel has gone from strength to strength by earning huge popularity. The channel has contributed considerably to promote Korean-American culture blending. It is considered as one of the most educative channel where people learn and are empowered to make informed decision about various Korean-American blending.

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