Most people usually associate Korean street food with rice cakes (Tteokbokki), fish cake (odeng), rice rolls (gimbap) or corn-dogs. How about sweets?

Today, I’ll introduce Hotteok (호떡) – one of the sweet treats that you may find at street stalls in Korea.

Hotteok is basically a Korean pancake, and may be sold plain or stuffed with nuts, cinnamon or brown sugar. These days I see some stalls even selling it savoury style, filled with meat, veg or cheese. But no, my sweet tooth always craves for some sweet cinnamon-y goodness.

We chanced upon this stall along the main HyeHwa (혜화) or DaeHakRo street (right above the train station). The sign claimed that the pancakes were healthier than others – less oil, less sugar. (Looks like people are getting more health conscious here too!)

Bought a few to try and true enough, these were the lightest, crispiest Hotteok I’ve ever had! Also, there was 100% no oil residue left, even on the paper wrapping. Delicious without the calories.

Street stall selling Hotteok – don’t be alarmed by the poster, HyeHwa stalls are made for advertising since this is an arts hub
Crispy Hotteok

A must try if you like crispy desserts but are too lazy to work out like me 😛

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