Another Korean Fried Chicken food review! This time it’s Chir Chir Chicken (치르치르), a popular KFC chain that has landed in Singapore – located in 313 Somerset mall’s basement.
Honey Butter Chicken – inspired by the famous honey butter chips that were hugely popular in Korea. I gave this a 4/5! The red stuff are cranberries and this comes with some rice cakes too for a nice bite. Not spicy for those who can’t take the heat.
Super spicy Chi-Bap. Fiery hot sauce-doused chicken chunks piled on top of a generous amount of rice. This was so spicy even I couldn’t handle it after a few bites. It was so spicy I couldn’t really taste the seasoning. I give this 2/5.
All water on the table of 7 was finished within minutes!
Seafood and mussel soup. This was spicy too but the soup was quite tasty! 3/5 as I’m not a big shelled-seafood fan.
Regular spicy chicken. You can’t go wrong with a good plate of seasoned fried chicken. 3/5

Overall, the meal was a satisfying one but I really miss the huge portions in Korea which were more value-for-money. A decent alternative if you are craving for Korean-style fried chicken in the middle of the crazy shopping district in Singapore.

Check out the full menu here:

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