What does BBQ mean to Koreans?

BBQ enjoyed by Koreans is not only delicious meat, but also various vegetables and various side dishes. For Koreans, it can be said that Korean BBQ is the most familiar and representative of lifelong food cultures in Korea. Koreans enjoy BBQ on weekday evenings and also on weekends. Koreans enjoy soju and BBQ when we are happy, and drink soju while eating BBQ when we are sad. What I want to say here is not that Koreans enjoy BBQ and soju every day, but that for Koreans, BBQ is not just a food enjoyed on a specific special occasion, but a food that accompanies the daily life of Koreans.

Why do BBQ dialogues appear frequently in Korean movies and dramas?

The recently released Netflix Korean drama My Name seems to have more scenes of eating BBQ than any other Korean dramas. Then, why do Korean movies and dramas often have scenes of conversations over BBQ and soju? Koreans not only enjoy BBQ and soju when hanging out with friends or social gatherings, they also have conversation with soju and BBQ together especially when talking about important things. That is why, in Korean movies and dramas, characters lining up BBQ so often appear in scenes where important lines come and go, and in scenes where the situation is reversed.

How many types of Korean BBQ are there?

Actually, this question is very difficult to answer because there are so many BBQ styles in Korea. Each region has a slightly different BBQ culture, and you can meet a really diverse Korean BBQ depending on the owner’s philosophy and recipe at Korean BBQ restaurants.

However, there are a few important keywords to understand Korean BBQ. First, charcoal fire. Koreans generally like to eat pork or beef grilled over charcoal. Second, vegetables such as lettuce cabbage and sesame leaves. Koreans prefer charcoal grilled meat. Koreans enjoy eating it wrapped in vegetables The third is Korean soju. Soju and beer are seldom missing where there is a bbq. There is another important thing. In general, eating makgeolli with BBQ is not the style that Koreans like so much.

Is BBQ in Korea usually expensive?

No. In Korea, BBQ is the most popular and common food of ordinary Koreans. Therefore, it is not a dish that is expensive enough to be a burden. Unfortunately, however, the restaurants that foreign tourists visit or restaurants where they dine with travel agencies might be a different story. Since it’s targeting tourists, it’s likely to be more expensive on average than the average Korean BBQ price.

How can I find a BBQ restaurant at an affordable price that Koreans usually enjoy?

Let me tell you one easy way. Be brave with a smile on your face. It’s very easy to find really local style Korean BBQ restaurants in every corner of Korea you visit. If you are walking through a downtown area full of restaurants and you smell meat, follow the smell and you will surely find a really delicious Korean BBQ restaurant hidden away. I can’t speak Korean well, is it okay? What should I do if the staff at the restaurant don’t speak English well?

Don’t worry, eating food is the fun of travel that anyone can easily experience, even if they don’t speak the language. And most Koreans are kind and conscientious. That’s why it’s rare to find a Korean BBQ restaurant that treats foreign customers unkindly or charge them with unreasonably high price.

Are there BBQ cars in Korea?

Are you referring to a BBQ car that looks like the one below? Of course, there is a BBQ car, but a BBQ car is not a very common concept in Korea. It is true that Korean people enjoy eating BBQ outdoors. However, it’s not a popular way of enjoying Korean BBQ here.

If you have a Korean boyfriend or girlfriend, take the time to enjoy BBQ and soju. For Koreans, enjoying BBQ and soju means more than just eating food. Koreans have a special feeling and special regard for a friend they can enjoy BBQ and soju with.

We hope this post will help many people around the world who are curious about Korean BBQ culture better understand Korean BBQ with food and culture.

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