Many foreigners may ask this question when they plan to visit S.Korea. It is mainly because Korea is still divided into N.Korea and S.Korea, which gives the impression that there might be a war again between the two countries.

Korea is safer than any other countries in the world.

Generally speaking, Korea is safe to travel and stay. In fact, Korea is safer than any other countries in the world.

One of the reasons why some foreigners are worried about traveling and staying in S.Korea is that Korean Peninsula is still devided into S.Korea and N.Korea, which may give the impression that there is a high chance of war between the two.

However, the possibility of war in Korean Peninsula is minuscule. The S.Korean Government and S.Korean Army are closely watching over N.Korea’s unstable political situations, and trying to detect any sign of war in advance in cooperation with the neighboring countries like China, Japan, and Russia, and most importantly together with USA, S.Korea’s key ally. If there is any sign of war, you will not be allowed to visit S.Korea from the beginning.

Even though N.Korea still tries to provoke international society by launching missiles from time to time, it should be taken as political and diplomatic actions rather than the real sign of war. Therefore, don’t be afraid of traveling and staying in S.Korea. Rather, once you visit S.Korea, you will find out that S.Korea is full of dynamic and interesting culture.

Once You Visit S.Korea, You Will Find Out That S.Korea Is Full Of Dynamic And Interesting Culture.


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