South Korea is also one of the countries where you can experience wonderful winter scenery. As we pass through October and November, more and more people are looking forward to the winter scenery in Korea. Is it snowing in Korean now? To tell you the truth, not yet. Then, when will it snow?

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What is the best time to see snow in Korea?

Regarding this, you first understand Soseol, 小雪 (Light Snowing), which is the 20th time of the 24 solar terms in traditional Korean calendar when the elongation of the sun is 240 degrees. It is also called Sochun, 小春 (little spring) because the thin ice starts to freeze and it feels like winter, but there is also a warm sunlight.

This period usually falls on the 20th of October on the lunar calendar, and it is around the end of November on the solar calendar every year. In fact, from this time on, the season when it can snow in Korea begins. However, since the weather conditions that can actually snow change from day to day, it can be said that unless you live in Korea, experiencing snow while traveling is still up to your luck.

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Where can I find out if it snows in Korea?

From now on, I’m going to give you a very practical tip. You can check the weekly weather forecast for Korea by clicking the link below or entering it into the address bar on the Internet. If you can decide to travel to Korea within 1-2 days and have the opportunity to catch a flight, the weekly weather forecast can be a great help in your travel decision.

Although the information is shared in Korean, since you can fully understand the basic signs and symbols, you will be able to grasp the weekly weather forecast in Korea. Is there any way to know the weather forecast for a month? Predicting the formation and movement of clouds over a month is pointless and virtually impossible.

If you click on the link, you can check the Korea’s weekly weather forecast and plan to arrive in Korea two days before the expected snow period.

What should I do when it snows in Korea?

Snow always excites us. Especially if you have a lover, it will be even more romantic to experience snowfall with your lover. Here are some ideas for experiencing wonderful winter memories in Korea.

1.Watching the snowy scenery of Seoul

You can enjoy the snowy scenery of Seoul by going up to Seoul Tower located in Namsan or Lotte Tower Sky Lounge located in Jamsil, Gangnam.

2.Drinking Korean Soju and Beer in Hongdae, Sinchon and Hyehwa

Koreans enjoy drinking. Koreans drink when they are happy and drink when they are sad. Koreans drink when it rains and drink when it snows. If it snows while traveling in Korea, then drink! It will make new memories for you. However, it should never happen that you lose your sense of cold after getting drunk and freeze to death. There is one really important tip. On a snowy evening, catching a taxi is as difficult as picking a star from the sky. So, if you want to drink on a snowy day, it is recommended to find a place within walking distance from the hotel. Especially if you have a feeling that you will drink until late.

3.Riding a snow sledding

In winter, many sledding slopes for families are opened near Seoul. Unlike skiing or snowboarding, sledding takes us back to the world of childhood. In particular, the relatively low price can relieve the burden of travelers on a tight budget. Have you ever been sledding? If not, don’t worry. All you have to do is follow the children enjoying the winter on the sledding slope.

Korea is a country with four seasons. Recently, the distinction between the four seasons is getting weaker due to climate change, but there are still distinct winters and summers in Korea. So, once you fall in love with the four seasons of Korea, you can fill your life with new experiences and memories. If you cannot travel to Korea right now, there are many movies and dramas where you can indirectly enjoy the Korean winter.

Winter Sonata, Famous Korean drama set in winter

Winterstory, 2002 KBS drama, is a story of reuniting with the first love that broke up in high school and falling in love again. Although it was popular in Korea, it was broadcast on NHK in Japan from 2003 to 2004, causing an explosive syndrome throughout Asia, mainly in Japan. Leading the Korean Wave and raising Yonsama Bae Yong-jun to the god of Asia. It is the prototype of ‘Korean-style romance’ that captures the pure and fateful love story in beautiful images.

is the prototype of Korean romance drama and the catalyst for success. It was very popular in Korea, and an explosive syndrome arose when it was aired several times on NHK in Japan from 2003 to 2004. The Korean Wave began in earnest, centering on middle-aged Japanese women. Unexpected scenery unfolded before Japanese women worshiped ‘Yon-sama’ and ‘pilgrimage’ to the filming location of the drama.

How cold is winter in Korea?

Is winter in Korea similar to that of Moscow and Vladivostok in Russia? First of all, I don’t think it can be said that winter in Korea is that cold. However, winter in Korea is cold enough not to fall behind that in Russia. In 2018, the temperature in Seoul dropped to minus 18 degrees Celsius, and there were several years when it recorded minus 20 degrees Celsius. This is the case in Seoul, Korea’s largest city, and in Gangwon-do, which is mainly a mountainous region, winter weather with minus 20 degrees Celsius is not surprising. So, if you are preparing for a winter trip to experience the winter in Korea, it is wise to prepare winter clothes as if you were going on a trip to Russia.

The winter scenery in the photos is not Russia. It is Korea. Are you ready?

Finally, one thing that cannot be missed on a winter trip to Korea is a bowl of warm fish cakes enjoyed at a street food stall in winter. Although winter in Korea is cold and long, the Koreans you will meet here are as warm and kind-hearted as summer.

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