On the 7th, FILA Korea launched the ‘Neuron 7’ ​​and ‘Neuron S’, the top models of the performance running shoes ‘Fila Neuron’, and started selling them in earnest. Following the introduction of Neuron 3 for short distances and Neuron 5 for medium distances in April, Neuron 7 suitable for medium to long distances under half marathon and Neuron S for short to medium distance running were added to the lineup. By expanding the running shoe product portfolio by stage, which is being ambitiously promoted this year, it is possible to provide consumers with a variety of options.

Neuron is a performance shoe project developed by FILA on a global scale. It is said that the technology and performance shoe development know-how of ‘FILA Global Lab’, a research and development (R&D) center, have been integrated. As a new technology, ‘Energized Rush Foam’ is applied, and it is introduced that a stable grip and excellent repulsion are in harmony.

According to FILA Korea, Neuron 7, which was released this time, was developed to generate strong driving force during running by adding energized rush foam and a glass fiber material plate (midsole). The engineered mono mesh material is also used to enhance breathability. It maintains a comfortable fit even after running for a long time. It is sold in a single black color, and additional colors such as white and beige will be introduced in the first half of next year.

Neuron S features strong cushioning with a dual midsole structure that combines energized 2.0 foam and pylon foam. He explained that the edge surrounding the foot was applied with a thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) injection method to maximize stability. The knit upper said that both comfortable fit and trendy fashion were considered. The product color consists of a total of three types: white and black, and a mixture of white, green, and gray.

All neuron series, including this new product, will be sold at FILA stores nationwide and the official online store. In the first half of next year, the company plans to complete its lineup by launching the long-distance ‘Nuron 9’, which is the top-level flagship product.

An official from FILA Korea said, “As part of the step-by-step running shoe project, Neuron, which was first introduced in April last year, was able to introduce a follow-up model for mid- to long-distance with the support of consumers. I hope it will be the best choice.”

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