YouTube Channel : Brandon Li

Seoul Wave by Brandon Li


This video by YouTuber Brandon Li is the best video of our team’s chosen about life in Seoul. It is very insightful and captures really well both the bright and dark aspects of life in Seoul. We have no comment on this video. Just watch!

We’d like to introduce some of reactions to this video from local viewers.

It would be a good idea to show this video to foreigners who have fantasies about Korea or who know only at the level of a disputed country.

When I see this video, the stress of the individual’s life in Seoul is so deep and so intense that this kind of night life culture may have been more developed.

It seems to be the most objectively viewed image from a third party about Seoul and beyond.

I can clearly see people sing, dance and play, and I can still see the keenness of Korean people even in the club scene. Korean people play really hard, not just when working.

Surprising! I applaud the insight that goes beyond the simple point of view of foreigners, and the way of expressing themes.

Bridge Korea selects awesome YouTubers who traveled to Korea and introduces their interesting video to people around the world.

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