I love Hongdae(홍대). It always brings a feeling of youthfulness (not that I’m old :P) and the place is so alive! It wakes you up even if you come here at night. There’s always something new to see, hear or experience.

One of the best things about Hongdae is the abundance of street performers who gather in this social hub. If you exit the Hongik University subway station at Exit 9 and turn left, walk a bit more past the FOLDER shop (which is on your right), you will soon hear the loud bass coming from one of the dance groups.

This street has drawn groups of tourists, teenagers, schoolchildren all waiting to see covers of their favourite KPOP group dances or to listen to up-and-coming indie Korean bands. This is a mecca for music lovers, even for my dad!

Speaking of him, today I wanted to share one of the street buskers who left a lasting impression on me and my family.

This guy barely sung but he truly struck a chord with his earnest performance. Credits to dad who took all these videos with his iPhone!


The next day, we were surprised to see him featured in the newspapers too!

Another one:


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