Korea, More Intimate and Inter-Connected

South Korea is one of the best countries in IT infrastructure and smartphone technology in the world. South Korea has the highest percentage of Internet and smartphone users in the world, according to the recent survey result of Pew Research Center, US market researcher.

Pew Research conducted the survey on 44,488 people in 37 countries, South Korea accounted for 94% of the total number of adults with smartphones. Israel (82%), Netherlands, Sweden and Lebanon (80% each), Spain (79%), USA (77%), Jordan (76%) and Germany (72% , Followed by the United Kingdom (72%), Chile (72%) and Canada (71%). Tanzania (13 percent), India (22 percent), Tunisia (27 percent) and Indonesia (27 percent).

Regarding the result, Pew Research analyzed that “Korea is the most heavily connected society among the surveyed countries.” In Korea, you may experience a more intimate and inter-connected society through smartphones and social networks.

Korea is the most heavily connected society – Pew Research, 2018


  • Image : Pixabay <https://pixabay.com/>


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