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Just a few days ago, we met a foreign friend who was interested to visit South Korea to learn Korean language. She asked us to recommend some good Korean language schools.

After this episode, we, Bridge Korea, briefly searched for some Korean language schools in South Korea, specifically schools located in Seoul.
We were shocked by the number of options! There are many Korean language schools in Seoul, and most of them are run by private universities.

Due to the huge number, we narrowed down our Korean language schools options based on the university’s reputation, popularity and recognition within the South Korean community.

Today, we will introduce some reputable Korean language schools in Seoul, Korea. If you would like to know more about a certain Korean language school, just click the link, and you will be able to contact the school directly via call or email.

Sogang University, Seoul, Korea

1. 서강대학교 한국어교육원
Korean Language Education Center, SOGANG UNIVERSITY

General Feedback
– Well Structured Curriculum / Small and Friendly Class / Various Extra Curricular Activities / Cozy and Beautiful Campus

2.연세대학교 한국어학당
Korean Language Institute, YONSEI UNIVERSITY

General Feedback
– Big and Multi-cultural Environment / Richer Opportunity to Make Many International Friends / Nice Curriculum

3.이화여자대학교 언어교육원

General Feedback
– Womans university / Various Extra Curricular Activities / Beautiful Campus

* The three schools above (Sogang, Yonsei, Ewha) are actually located at the very heart of young Korean’s life and university culture. It is Shinchon area.
About Shinchon (Click)

4.서울대학교 언어교육원
Language Education Institute, SEOUL NATIONAL UNIVERSITY

General Feedback
– Generally Recognized as the Top University in South Korea / Well Structured Curriculum / Very Big Campus / Far from the hot places in Seoul

5.고려대학교 한국어센터
Korean Language Center, KOREA UNIVERSITY

General Feedback
– Despite the word “KOREA”, Private University / Nice Campus / Relatively Affordable Accomodation Environment in Seoul / Good Curriculum

6.세종대학교 세종어학당
Korean Language Program, SEJONG UNIVERSITY

General Feedback
– Various Extra-Curricular Activities / Good Culture Experience Programs

Korea is full of vibrant culture and various things to do. How about making new friends from all over the world while learning Korean language in Korea? Korea welcomes you wholeheartedly. =)

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