All you want to know about Korean Class

Mary-Korean Instructor
2021-04-03 17:11
Hello prospective students and K-lovers!

I am Mary, the Korean instructor with Bridge Korea.

We have been receiving similar questions for the past months and wanted to take this opportunity to summarize them so that you can quickly find your answers 🙂

Of course, if your question is not listed here, please don't hesitate to contact us for more information!


1. When is the Korean class held?
Our Survival Korean Class is a weekly based class(once a week) and is held on Sunday at 3pm KST(Korean Standard Time).
If you're from a country where the time difference between Korea and your home country is huge, please don't worry.
We'll consult with you to organize a comfortable session that fits both instructor and you 🙂

2. What level is this class cater to?
Our Survival Korean class is for complete beginners! Whether you have never taken Korean class before or know few words here and there, this class is for you! The main aim for this class is to help you equip the basic Korean when you travel in Korea. Hence it's called "Survival Korean".

3. Do you offer Offline class?
Currently due to COVID,most of our class is held online. However, if there's a enough demand, we may cater to offline class as well.
In this case, please contact us to discuss further.

4. How much is the class?
We are currently giving special discount and the class is offered at USD $120 (1 month / 4 sessions / session each = 1hour)

5. Is this class individual or group?
We are able to hold both individual and group lessons.
In case of group, we are trying to limit the class by having no more than 15 students per session so that you can learn in a family-like environment.

Still couldn't find answer to your question? Don't worry, just contact us on email OR Instagram ! 🙂

Hope to see you in the class soon.

Warm regards,
Korean Instructor
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