Have you tried this popular dish in Korea?

Dakgalbi or Ddakgalbi (닭갈비) is a chicken dish, usually stir-fried and served directly in a huge pan. It comes with a variety of vegetables, rice cake, rice, and most importantly, plenty of gochujang sauce. Brings a nice sweet and fiery kick to it!

Imagine a really meaty and less healthier version of bibimbap. Due to its portion, usually a Dakgalbi meal can easily feed 3-4 persons (depending on how hungry they are!) and this is a meal by itself.

One of the most famous restaurants is Yoogane (유가네) – and they have many many outlets worldwide so you can try it in your own country too 🙂

Yummy yummy!
One of the outlets I visited when i first visited Korea in 2013

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