Hangeul Proclamation Day or Korean Alphabet Day is a day to publicize the excellence of Hangeul and commemorate King Sejong’s promulgation of Hun-min-jeong-eum. In the Republic of Korea, October 9 is designated as Hangeul Day and the Taegeukgi is hoisted, and it is designated as a public holiday.

BTS V received a warm response from global fans for his role as a ‘Hangeul evangelist’ celebrating Hangeul Day with a song with Korean lyrics.

On the 9th, to commemorate the 575th Hangeul Day, KBS1TV’s special broadcast ‘I learned Korean because of #bangtan_ was broadcast. On this day’s broadcast, the scene of the concert hall where many foreigners sing Korean songs together, as well as the fans in the US, UK, France, Kenya, Myanmar, Indonesia, etc.

A bench in Seoul Forest was introduced as a place for overseas fans to visit when they come to Korea, along with interviews with overseas fans who say they learn Korean through BTS’ songs. In V’s self-composed song ‘Scenery’, V’s bench stood out with the warm and lyrical lyrics written, ‘I will collect each piece of moonlight to make a light, so please come to me in the same image as yesterday’.

In Vietnam, Korean was promoted as the first foreign language this year, and at a French university that was once on the brink of abolition, there was an unprecedented phenomenon in which Korean studies emerged as a popular department.

In the recent collaboration song ‘My Universe’ with ‘Coldplay’, V said, ‘The darkness was more comfortable for me. In the long shadow,” he sang the Korean lyrics in a simple way, moving global fans. In addition, V’s ‘Purple Sea’ has become a universal word not only for BTS and fans, but also worldwide.

German magazine ‘Brigite’ selected V as the most popular member, and British media ‘Nubia’ magazine also selected it as ‘the most popular KPOP idol in the world’ and said that he has the strongest fandom.

According to the British music media ‘NME’, V was analyzed to be the number one member in Vietnam, Indonesia, and Thailand. In Vietnam, the popularity of V was overwhelming at 51%.

BTS appeared at the end of the broadcast, and V said, “I think Korean is a very beautiful and delicate language. As it is Hangeul Day, I hope that we can all spend a day to reflect on the meaning of the Korean language together.” broadcast ended.

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