If you ever go to Korea, you may see many establishments with the sign saying “포차” or Pocha. These are actually Korean bars that specialize in – you guessed it, Korean alcohol and Anju! Some places look a bit more fancy and modern, with a wide selection on the dinner menu, but some are laidback and simple, with just what you need to chill out after a long hard day’s work – beer and some munchies.

You can come here after dinner, and just order drinks and snacks. If you’re hungry, you can always order something a bit more substantial, like a plate of bossam:

Goes well with Makgeolli
Our favourite with So-Maek (Soju and Maekju/Beer) – Moktae (먹태) 
Did you know that you can get fresh makgeolli in korea in these bottles? Jangsoo Makgeolli has a shelf life of just 10 days from its date of manufacture! You can taste the difference from regular makgeolli.
Fried pork is always a winner.
And so are fried eggs 🙂

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