With a name like ‘Nearing 30s’, this bar was practically baiting people like me. How would the drinks and ambience fare? Would they play music from the 90s? It was indeed an intriguing concept. I had to check it out.

This bar is located on the second level of a row of sleepy shophouses in Sinchon. Yes, Sinchon, known for its happening nightlife and pocha street catered for the young, restless students from surrounding universities. I was surprised to find there are quiet alleys where the older crowds go for after work drinks.

What to order- the honey tequila beer! Lovely concoction of a honey-infused tequila shot, paired with an ice cool beer. The way you drink it is up to you, I liked the tequila poured after I drank half of the beer. Gave it a nice sweet kick at the halfway mark.
So why was it called ‘Nearing 30s’? The vibe was laid back, music played were old songs from the 90s era, and the crowd was generally older than the youngsters partying in hongdae. Not a noisy place, good for catching up with friends over some drinks and snacks. I guess this place really does appeal to folks approaching the big 3-0!

Address: 53-19 Changcheon-dong, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/nearing30s/

Phone: +82 2-3141-3438

Opening Hours: Opens daily except Sunday from 6pm onwards

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