Dog cafes are quite popular in Korea, a nice place to chill and de-stress from the crazy school or work life by cuddling these cuties.

I chanced upon this dog cafe called The Wal’z (previously known as Cafe Paws) when searching for cafes around Gangnam. It’s quite accessible by subway, just a short 10min walk from Gangnam Exit 1 (directions at the end of this post). Upon entering, you will be greeted by so many cute puppies! To big dog lovers, no worries! There was also a huge dog lazing around when I was there.

Hi there!
Too cute.. the dogs will roam around the cafe freely and if you’re lucky, they might just plant themselves on your table! ☺️

How to get there:

Take the Subway to Gangnam station and go to Exit 1, then follow the map directions in red below –

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