COEX mall is one of the biggest malls in Seoul and one can feel a bit intimidated by the size of this place! Not to mention, the overwhelming amount of food options. There are too many to choose from. When I visited in July, this place attracted us by its cozy interior and one word – BOSSAM!

Banhaneun Bossam & Bapsang specialises in Bossam – a boiled pork dish that is usually served with lettuce, kimchi, garlic and other side dishes. You can eat the sliced pork on its own or like a wrap with lettuce. It’s soooo good! Healthy too since it’s boiled. The bossam here was very flavourful and tender, highly recommended!

As usual, a Korean meal is not a Korean meal without a table full of side dishes!
The Bossam

The menu has set meals, which make it simpler for people like me who wants to try a bit of everything hehe. We ordered 2 bossam sets and a makguksu (cold buckwheat noodle) for five of us. Surprisingly we finished everything! The cold noodle was so good even my mom (who is not a big fan of cold noodle) said it was tasty!

Makguksu (막국수)

Overall a super satisfying meal for the whole family. What a good find in COEX mall, would definitely return here again for the bossam and makguksu.

How to get here:

반하는 보쌈 & 밥상 Banhaneun Bossam & Bapsang
Shop no. M103
Coex Mall
159, Samseong-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
강남구 삼성동 159번지 코엑스몰 M103

Tel: +82 2-6002-3131
Business hours: 11am-10pm

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