Lazy to read long articles on places to see and food to eat in Korea? Prefer to watch videos instead? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Here are some recommended channels in English for people who want to learn more about Korea:


2 guys who’ve been living in Seoul for a while and make high quality videos of the Seoul-life. Watch them if you’re interested in food mukbangs, trying out cool places in Seoul, how-tos in Korea, hilarious convenience store challenges etc.

Joan Kim

Aesthetic. That’s the word I would describe Joan’s youtube. Subscribe for pretty videos running errands or attending events in the hippest areas of Seoul. You’ll also find some nice cafe or restaurant recommendations along the way.


The cutest twins in Korea! They upload regularly on fashion, cafes, events. Sometimes they do fun challenges where they dress like famous korean celebrities under a certain budget.

Cari Cakes

Very hipster vibes in her videos but it’s nice and refreshing to see Seoul from another perspective. She checks out many hipster cafes and sometimes travels out to smaller towns outside of Seoul. Love the background music she uses for her videos too.

Marie’s Kawaii World

Very nice walking tours around the hottest locations in Seoul. She’s clear in directions and I think it’s pretty easy to follow her videos if you’re planning to try out her recommendations.

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