One of South Korea’s tourism organisations, Korea Culture and Tourism Institute, announced the Top 5 tourist attractions for foreigners in 2016. We want to introduce those places to all who plan to travel to South Korea.

1.Everland (6.96 million visitors) – 에버랜드

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It is one of the most popular amusement parks in South Korea.

Every weekend, it is full of young men and women on dates as well as many families.

In Everland, you may catch a glimpse into the lives of dynamic and happy Koreans, while you enjoy the thrilling and fun amusement rides.

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2.Gyeongbok Palace (6.02 million visitors) – 경복궁

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Gyeongbok Palace is located in the heart of Seoul, Jongno.

This is a historical place where many kings discussed state affairs with his courtiers in Korean history.

Gyeongbok Palace also opens in the evenings. If you visit the palace in the evening, you can experience a unique and beautiful atmosphere that you can’t experience during the day time.

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3. The Korea International Exhibition Center, known as KINTEX for short – 킨텍스

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KINTEX is one of the famous international exhibition and convention centers in Korea.

Through various exhibitions and conventions held here, you can have a chance to learn more about various aspects of Korean society.

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4. Suncheon Bay Wetland Reserve -순천만 습지

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This is one of the five largest wetlands in the world.

Not to mention that this place is highly recommended to experience and feel magnificent nature at its best.

It is a little farther away from Seoul.

However, it is definitely worth visiting if you travel to Korea.

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5. Imjingak Resort – 임진각

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You may know that Korea is the only divided nation.

South Korea and North Korea are heavily divided against the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ).

Imjingak is located close to the DMZ.

Here, you can feel the tension of the divided nation, the tension between the South and North, and deep sorrow of Korean peninsula.

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